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Independent tool for the comparison of electricity production of any PV installation

SolarGIS pvSpot pvSpot provides estimated electricity production of any defined PV system for a given period of time (e.g. for yesterday, last week, month, year or a user specified period of time). This is extremely useful for the evaluation of small PV systems, where no monitoring tools or sensors are installed. It can be also used for a comparison with sensors or other control systems on larger existing PV installation.

Why use pvSpot?

  • Independent: Indpendence is guaranteed because satellite-derived SolarGIS data is used for yield simulation
  • Sensor-less: There is no dependence on irradiation data from ground instruments, which can often be unreliable because of poor maintenance
  • Reliable: Accuracy of SolarGIS data is comparable to that of pyranometers
  • Available: You can assess peformance of any PV power plant. Moreover, there are no gaps in data. 99% data availability is guaranteed
  • Affordable: pvSpot secures your investments at a cost-effective price

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Download the information leaflet (781 KB) about SolarGIS pvSpot.
Download the information leaflet (1.8 MB) about SolarGIS.

Who uses SolarGIS?
  • Solar energy consultancies
  • Project developers
  • Owners/Investors
  • Banks
  • Government organisations
  • EPC contractors
  • O&M managers
  • Research and academic
  • Designers
  • Roof installers