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    Our tool for exploration and site selection. The following interactive maps are featured:
  • Global and Diffuse Horizontal Irradiation
  • Direct Normal Irradiation
  • Air Temperature
  • Terrain, Landscape and Population maps
  • Google satellite and topographic map

Included is immediate access to long-term averages of various parameters from SolarGIS database. iMaps also includes special maps and information from high resolution databases of Terrain (elevation, slope, azimuth), Land Cover and Population.


  • List of values for any location
  • Data (grid cell) resolution up to 250 m
  • Search using name/address or coordinates
  • High-accuracy geographic coordinate tool
  • Distance and area measuring tools
  • Easy sharing of a site position using the Send link tool
  • Interactive geo-location, based on Google technology
  • Personal site manager (bookmarks)


  • Vast amounts of information available in one touch: 5 solar parameters, 2 temperature parameters, additional support information
  • Support to site selection and prefeasibility
  • Immediate access to key information for any site
  • Complementary poster maps available
  • Support information - terrain, population density and landscape. Available worldwide.

Download the information leaflet (1.8 MB) about SolarGIS.

Who uses SolarGIS?
  • Solar energy consultancies
  • Project developers
  • Owners/Investors
  • Banks
  • Government organisations
  • EPC contractors
  • O&M managers
  • Research and academic
  • Designers
  • Roof installers