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Geomodel Solar - Solargis

SolarGIS is a geographic information system designed to meet the needs of the solar energy industry. This application combines solar resource data and meteorological data with a web-based application system to support planning, development, and operation of solar energy systems.

  • Main Benefits of SolarGIS
  • Allows global understanding of solar resource availability
  • Best quality data available, high level of detail
  • Leads to better decision making

How is SolarGIS created?
Solar radiation is computed by GeoModel Solar using in-house developed and operated meteorological models. We use satellite and atmospheric data as input. The performance of the models is validated against data from several high-quality meteo stations located worldwide. More detailed information is available in the SolarGIS data specification document (PDF).

Download the information leaflet (1.8 MB) about SolarGIS.

Who uses SolarGIS?
  • Solar energy consultancies
  • Project developers
  • Owners/Investors
  • Banks
  • Government organisations
  • EPC contractors
  • O&M managers
  • Research and academic
  • Designers
  • Roof installers