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Near Real-Time Data Supply

  • The SolarGIS model runs in operational mode, constantly updating its database with the most recent meteorological information. We offer access to this data in near-real time via automated services based on machine-to-machine communication.
  • Web-services - ease the data transfer between our applications, databases, data processing methods on our side and client application or interface on the other side, which permits the implementation of our computational or data services into your own webpages, applications or software; typically, data are transfered in XML files and described in the relevant WSDL file. Read more »
  • FTP download - requested data are prepared for FTP download for every agreed period of time; the FTP download process can be automated. Read more »
  • Data on email - regular or occasional data delivery to email inbox. Read more »

Data are delivered in a standardized form (XML, CSV, XLS, etc).
According the customer's needs, additional relevant data formats can be programmed.

For more information about Operational data services, visit SolarGIS Knowledge base pages.
You are welcome to contact us with your questions or suggestions.

Our solutions

climate data and interactive maps,
site selection, PV planning and
PV performance assessment

Solar radiation 
& other meteo data

historical, near-real time
and forecast wheather data
for solar energy technologies

Electricity yield assessment

services for photovoltaics
and solar thermal energy

Roof potential

solar and PV potential of roofs
in urban and industrial zones

Solar resource maps

ask for a map of your region