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Solar Resource Assessment Report
for PV, CPV, and CSP applications

Accurate solar resource assessment is required to estimate the profitability of your solar energy investments. To help you develop solar projects with higher confidence, we have developed unique and advanced methods to accurately quanitfy solar resource at your project location.

Why our solar resource assessment reports are different from others?

  • We have 12+ years of experience in solar resource modelling
  • We have extensive experience of solar resource assessment in all climatic zones (except polar zone)
  • We have validated our in-house developed SolarGIS database against more than 200 high quality ground measurements globally
  • We actively pursue R&D collaboration with top international institutes such as Fraunhofer ISE, NREL, etc.

What is included in our solar resource assessment reports?

Download the example of GeoModel Solar's CSP report (PDF, 9.5 MB) Solar Resource Assessment reports provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the local climate from the viewpoint of PV, CPV or CSP technology.

Download our full-text CSP report (PDF, 9.5 MB) for Upington solar park in South Africa.

Find more references on our work for CSP/CPV industry in Wrote about us section.

Site-Adaptation services

If data from a secondary standard pyranometer and/or a first class normal incidence pyrheliometer is available, we recommend site-adaptation of SolarGIS data. This helps to reduce uncertainty by few percentage points.

However, in many regions SolarGIS data shows accuracy equivalent to the data measured by pyranometers. In such cases, site-adaptation has limited benefits. Please inquire for further details.

Delivery of report

A solar resource assessment report is typically delivered within 2 weeks. The report is sent to the customer by email (PDF version) in advance. Afterwards, two printed and signed copies are sent by post.


The price of a solar resource assessment report varies from 1500 to 3000 euros. The price depends on geographical location, climate complexity, and solar resource parameters to be evaluated. Please contact us for more details.

Please contact us for more details.

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