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Report for Solar And PV Roof Potential

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We offer solar data, tools for calculation of solar and PV roof potential and PV system optimisation of any city, commune, industrial or commercial zone in Europe, Africa and Middle East. Database and support tools can be implemented in a map-based online application.


  • Complete database with key solar and PV information for any roof in the city
  • High performance models make it possible to process data for large cities at high level of detail; spatial resolution of 25 cm or higher is possible
  • 15-minute time series of solar radiation and temperature data covering six years make it possible to precisely simulate sunpath
  • 3D geometry of roof is derived from fotogrammetry data or similar database
  • Each roof segment is analysed in terms of: roof geometry and impact of local shading, solar radiation potential, utilizable size and compactness
  • Integration of the database and tools in a map-based online system is possible


  • Key information for investors, building owners, and installers in prefeasibility studies and project development
  • Identification of the suitable roof segments or total roof area of buildings
  • Indicative information of roof potential in terms of PV nominal capacity and potential power production
  • Production efficiency of a potentially-installed PV system
  • Fast access to information using map-based online implementation saves time and streamlines development of a city solar portfolio
  • Our roof potential databases and tools present a solid base for further extension of the functionality
    and additional services, e.g.:
  • management of PV applications and incentives by local and regional authorities
  • monitoring performance of PV systems
  • real-time management of electricity demand and supply
Prepared in collaboration with EUROSENSE Slovakia
Orthophoto and 3D city model © 2009 EUROSENSE, s.r.o.

Output data

  1. Final output data include:
  2. Annual sum of global irradiation received by roof segments (kWh/m2)
    A map showing solar radiation potential for a unit roof area of 25x25 cm considering shading by other objects. It is a basic analytical tool for decision about the economic aspects of PV power production for any roof segment.
  3. Loss of solar roof potential due to local shading (%)
    A map calculated as a relative difference between solar radiation potential received by a roof segment without and with shading. Input for the preliminary decision on a system layout.
  4. Utilizable area of a roof segment (m2 and % of the total roof area)
    Database describing efficient area of the roof segments and of the total roof area for installing PV modules. Preliminary indication of a space available, i.e. how many PV modules or PV tiles could be installed on a roof. Input for the assessment of volume of an investment.
  5. Specific PV electricity production (kWh/kW-peak)
    Database indicating nominal power of a possible PV system assuming predefined PV module technology.
  6. Total annual PV electricity production (kWh)
    Database of the roof segments and total roof area with potential annual electricity production from installed PV system. Input for the assessment of annual revenues.

The database can be extended by more detailed information on parameters of solar radiation and temperature, such as monthly averages or other statistics. The new PV simulation tools make it possible to provide PV potential data for thin film PV technologies, such as a-Si, CdTe, and CIS/CIGS.

Download the information leaflet (1.1 MB) about PV roof potential.
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Prepared in collaboration with EUROSENSE Slovakia
Orthophoto and 3D city model © 2009 EUROSENSE, s.r.o.

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