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PV Yield Assessment Report

When assessing the economic feasibility of a photovoltaic power plant, an analysis of the project’s financial sustainability is of utmost importance. The basic criteria, determining the cash flow, is the solar resource prediction or yield prediction for the project. Putting our extensive experience and knowledge to use, we are able to deliver a reliable expected yield prediction.

What we do to make yield calculations as accurate as possible?

  • We use solar irradiation data from the SolarGIS database. Local ground based irradiation measurements are incorporated (if available) after rigorous quality processing
  • We compare our simulation results with actual yield from many operational PV plants. These plants are located in different climatic regions. We continually use these comparisons and experiences to further improve accuracy of our simulation model
  • We use full time series data and not Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) data in our calculations. Use of full time series data results in better accuracy
  • We use in-house developed software for yield simulation. Simulation models implemented in our software are scientifically validated and documented in our publications

What is included in our PV Yield reports?

See the typical Table of Contents (PDF, 109 KB) of the PV Yield report.

Evaluating multiple technology options

If you want to evaluate multiple technology options, we can compare estimated yields for different PV technologies (cSi, aSi, CIS, CdTe, etc.); or for mounting systems (fixed, 1-axis trackers, 2-axis trackers, roof integrated, free standing, etc.).

Delivery of report

An Yield assessment report is typically delivered within 2 weeks. The report is sent to the customer by email (PDF version) in advance. Afterwards, two printed and signed copies are sent by post.


The price of a PV Yield Assessment Report ranges from 4000 to 6000 euros depending on the size of the power plant in consideration and the number of technology options to be evaluated.

Please contact us for more details.

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