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PV Performance Assessment Report

It pays to have your investments under surveillance. A performance assessment report analyses power production and performance ratio of an existing power plant after one or more years of operation. Data of the actual power production are compared with simulations of expected and minimum achievable power production.

Main benefits

  • Real-time solar irradiation data from the SolarGIS database allow us to assess performance of any PV plant
  • Our assessments are independent. Reliability of our assessment is not affected by data from ill-maintained pyranometers
  • We use in-house developed software for yield simulation. Simulation models implemented in our software are scientifically validated and documented in our publications

PV production comparison: measured VS simulated results
PV production comparison: measured VS simulated results

Delivery of report

A PV performance assessment report is typically delivered within 2 weeks. The report is sent to the customer by email (PDF version) in advance. Afterwards, two printed and signed copies are sent by post.


The price of a PV Performance Assessment Report varies from 2500 to 4000 euro depending on the size and complexity of the power plant in consideration.

Please contact us for more details.

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