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Country/Regional Study

To get maximum return on solar energy investments, it is vital for governments, regional development banks, policy makers, and project developers to have a detailed understanding of the solar resource potential in their region of interest.

GeoModel Solar possesses unique know-how in the field of solar resource assessment and is the developer of the best available solar resource database, SolarGIS. Based on our resources and knowledge, we are able to deliver a country or regional specific study that evaluates the solar resource potential of a region.

Objectives of a country/regional study

  • Understand geographical and time patterns of accuracy and interannual variability of solar resource, and the related uncertainty within the extent of a region, with focus on PV and CSP/CPV energy applications
  • Quantify uncertainty and provide bankable and technically-sound solar resource information, using the best available data, methods and knowledge
  • Identify the most suitable areas for developing solar energy projects. Such information is particularly useful for identifying suitable locations for solar parks and multi-MW solar power plants

A solar resource country study is typically supplemented with solar resource information in GIS data format.

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