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GeoModel Solar - Services

We support the solar energy industry by offering solutions at every step of project development. All our reports are based on processing of SolarGIS time series data.

  • Why GeoModel Solar?
  • Bankability of our reports is supported by our long-term expertise in the field of solar resource assessment and PV yield simulation
  • We are developers of the most accurate solar resource database on the market
  • In the last 24 months, we have delivered more than 250 consultation studies and bankable reports for solar energy projects across 5 continents
  • Details on methods, validation, and quality control of our work are documented in scientific publications, many of them written in a co-authorship with world-class experts
  • We are constantly improving our knowledge by pursuing active R&D and commercial collaboration with key international partners in the solar energy industry
  • Our work is acknowledged by a large number of banks and top research institutions. On request, we can provide a list of commercial and scientific references, including a list of banks that accept our reports

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The map below shows countries where we have delivered expert reports and SolarGIS data.

DELIVERIES: Reports & DataData

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Our solutions

climate data and interactive maps,
site selection, PV planning and
PV performance assessment

Solar radiation 
& other meteo data

historical, near-real time
and forecast wheather data
for solar energy technologies

Electricity yield assessment

services for photovoltaics
and solar thermal energy

Roof potential

solar and PV potential of roofs
in urban and industrial zones

Solar resource maps

ask for a map of your region