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25 Mar 2013
Stellenbosch University new spin off solar company - GeoSUN Africa

...The CRSES evaluated a number of satellite derived data suppliers by comparing their data to ground measured data and found the SolarGIS to be of exceptional accuracy, especially on DNI (Direct Normal Irradiance) values. This led to GeoSUN Africa’s current formal relationship with GeoModel Solar. GeoSUN Africa also has the exclusive right to market the SolarGIS products in Southern Africa. GeoSUN Africa maintains a close and formal tie with the University of Stellenbosch, specifically the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES)...
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1 Feb 2013
DNI values in SA are amongst the best in the world

...The assessment for Upington was carried out by the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, in conjunction with GeoModel Solar, a leading international provider of satellite derived solar resource data.
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5 Nov 2012
Solar Radiation - User Cases

MACC-II has been providing aerosol forecasts to GeoModel Solar, a company specialised in site qualification, planning, financing and operation of solar energy systems. Aerosols directly affect the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface and therefore are one of the components determining the amount of solar radiation available for solar energy purposes at any one location on theEarth.
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5 Jun 2012
Solar software challenge: Making solar databases accessible

...One such newcomer is Slovakia-based GeoModel Solar, a developer and operator of what the recent IEA SHC Task 36 data inter-comparison activity called 'the best performing solar radiation database presently available on the market'. The major strenghts of the database, known as SolarGIS, are the balanced statistical representation of the values (histograms), very good accuracy in GHI and excellent accuracy in DNI.
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24 May 2012
GeoModel Solar Introduces
New Satellite-Based Solar Resource Data for China

...Organizing Committee of SNEC 6th International Exhibition & Conference, which is one of the biggest solar exhibitions in the world, acknowledged SolarGIS as one of Top 10 Highlights of the event. Ten exhibiting companies, presenting the most advanced technologies and products, received this award. The first official presentation of SolarGIS to the Chinese solar energy industry demonstrated strategic importance of this technology...
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3 May 2012
Planning and monitoring

GeoModel Solar from Slovakia, a provider of solar data and operational PV services, will launch pvSpot, a new monitoring concept. PvSpot is an online tool that offers yield-to-yield comparison instead of yield-to-irradiance comparison. The energy yield for any PV system can be calculated using real-time solar radiation data from the SolarGIS database. Read more on page 152 »

25 April 2012
Monitorización independiente y rentable del funcionamiento
de sistemas FV

Hoy en día, el mercado cuenta con una gran cantidad de herramientas para la monitorización de sistemas FV. Sin embargo, las medidas de rendimiento usadas en las soluciones existentes se basan en la comparación de la producción del sistema con datos de irradiancia solar. Leer más »

16 March 2012
New African solar resource maps unveiled

Global provider of solar resource data, online site assessment tools and expert consultancy GeoModel Solar released a new set of solar maps for South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland, last month. Read more »

16 February 2012

产品简介:GeoModel Solar太阳能日前推出新一代太阳能安装软件——iMaps和pvPlanner,并称其可为光伏产业制定新标准。iMaps可在空间范围为250米之内获取关键太阳能资源参数,提高项目选址精确性;同时,pvPlanner可对不同的场址和技术进行快速比较。 Read more »

10 February 2012
GeoModel Solar’s latest software suite quickly
and accurately plots a PV project’s potential

GeoModel Solar has launched a new generation of solar installation software - iMaps and pvPlanner that is claimed to offer a new standard to the PV industry. iMaps provide access to key solar resource parameters with a spatial detail of 250 meters, thus allowing for accurate site selection while pvPlanner allows fast comparison of various sites and technology options.
PV project developers require quick and easily identified project sites that have high insulation to maximise electricity production and ensure the economic profitability of solar energy projects. Engineers, installers, financers, policy-makers and wider community need to be able to use reliable, historical and up-to-date information before investments are made. Read more >>

2 January 2012
DNI: Measuring bang for your buck

What happened at Shams 1 would nowadays probably be classified as a schoolboy error. Last year, the CSP plant’s owner, Masdar, confessed that it had overestimated how much sunlight would reach the parabolic trough field. It had not factored in the amount of dust in the air.
"The Shams original estimate was based on satellite data and was off by more than 10%," says Marcel Suri, managing director of GeoModel Solar, a solar resource consultancy... Read more >>

25 August 2011
A CSP Developers DNI Dream

...In South Africa progress has been made by the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies at Stellenbosch University, who have been working in partnership with GeoModel Solar to analyse the measured data to predict the solar resource available at the Solar Park. The result of this is that the 5GW solar park and corridor that the South African government is planning to build near Upington in the Northern Cape is considered as having amongst the best DNI in the world. Read more »

8 July 2011
Northern Cape solar resources among the best in the world

...The Stellenbosch University’s Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies used data on the solar potential of the area from Eskom and contracted Slovakia-based GeoModel Solar to analyse the measured data along with 17 years of satellite-derived solar data to predict the solar resource available at the solar park... Read more »

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