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Training in Beijing: sharing our knowledge with chinese professionals and the public

27 Apr 2016

We shared our knowledge with professionals in solar energy industry in China during Assessment of solar resource measurement technology exchange event, organized by our partner RETEC.
Mr Marcel Suri (managing director of GeoModel Solar) was also interviewed by journalists from CSPPLAZA. The disscussion was focused on the state-of-art techniques in solar modelling, the importance of using reliable data for the solar power industry or the specific challenges faced on solar resource assessment in China.
Full interview with Mr Marcel Suri (by CSPPLAZA) »
Full interview in chinese (by CSPPLAZA) »
Read more about the event »

We present three contributions a EU PVSEC in Munich

24 Mar 2016

The EU PVSEC is the largest international conference for photovoltaic research, technologies and applications. It gathers the global PV community to conduct business, to network and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations in Photovoltaics. This year, the conference is held in the same time as one of the world's leading exhibitions Intersolar Europe to
We will present three contributions on different topics. More information about ESMAP initiative »
Installation of solar measuring stations on Maldives »

We present three contributions a EU PVSEC in Munich

24 Mar 2016

The EU PVSEC is the largest international conference for photovoltaic research, technologies and applications. It gathers the global PV community to conduct business, to network and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations in Photovoltaics. This year, the conference is held in the same time as one of the world's leading exhibitions Intersolar Europe to
We will present three contributions on different topics. More information about ESMAP initiative »
Installation of solar measuring stations on Maldives »

Ten solar measurement stations installed in Zambia and Maldives

12 Dec 2015

In collaboration with our partners, GeoSUN Africa and Suntrace, we have recently installed a total of 10 solar measuring stations across Zambia and Maldives. The measurement campaign is part of the World-Bank funded ESMAP project to improve quality of solar resource data available for different regions.
More information about ESMAP initiative »
Installation of solar measuring stations on Maldives »

International Solar Alliance chose SolarGIS maps
to present world's solar resource during the opening ceremony at COP21

2 Dec 2015

COP 21 has just taken place. A highlight for the solar industry was the launch of the International Solar Energy Alliance. Straightforward messages and ambitious goals towards solar energy development were presented by India's prime minister Modi and French president Hollande.

We were delighted to note that SolarGIS world map was used as a backdrop throughout the launch event. In recognition of the popularity of the SolarGIS maps, we have just released updated versions of world GHI and DNI maps, now completely covering the land between latitudes 60°N and 60°S.

Download SolarGIS GHI world freeMap »
Download SolarGIS DNI world freeMap »

SolarGIS approach on site-adaptation of satellite-based DNI and GHI time series

17 Nov 2015

Accurate solar resource data is needed for planning, engineering and financing of a solar energy project. Site adaptation is an approach of reducing uncertainty in the estimate of solar resource by combining satellite-based long-term time series with short-term high-accuracy ground data measured near the project site.
We presented a review of methods and the SolarGIS approach at the SolarPACES 2015 conference held in Cape Town, in September 2015. Our experience shows that the best-achievable uncertainty of long-term assessment of annual values based on combining satellite and ground-measured data approximates to ±2% for GHI, and ±3.5% for DNI. This can be compared to the best-achievable uncertainty of the annual estimates of the SolarGIS satellite-based solar radiation model, which approximates to ±3.5% for GHI, and ±8% for DNI. The uncertainty is considered for 80% probability of occurrence, which translates to 90% probability of exceedance that is commonly used for calculation of P90 values.
Download paper »
Read more »

Award for accuracy-enhanced solar resource maps of South Africa

20 May 2015

Our contribution Accuracy-enhanced solar resource maps of South Africa achieved outstanding paper award in solar resource session at 3rd Southern African Solar Energy Conference (SASEC 2015) in Skukuza in South Africa. The co-authors of the contribution are J.L. van Niekerk from Stellenbosch University, and A.J. Meyer from our partner company GeoSUN Africa.
Download the paper »
Download presentation »

Analysis of yearly solar radiation variability in Northern America

12 Mar 2015

Our contribution on yearly solar radiation variability in Northern America is presented at Solar Asset Management portal. We show, why to use satellite-based solar resource data in PV performance assessment. Difference maps of yearly totals of global horizontal irradiation in years 2014, 2013 and 2012 compared to the long-term average (calculated over a period 1999 to 2014) provides important knowledge of GHI variability in this part of the world.
Read more at Solar Asset Management North America website »
Download PDF »

WEBINAR: Solar resources data applications for utility planning and operations

9 Feb 2015

On Monday 23 Feb 2015 at 16:00 UTC, Marcel Suri (GeoModel Solar) and Tom Hoff (Clean Power Research) present the use of weather satellite data to estimate the solar energy resource and availability and accuracy of derived data products.
Read more at ISES website and download presentations »

Coverage of pvSpot extended to North and Central Chile

5 Jan 2015

After sucessful launch of SolarGIS pvSpot in Northern America, data coverage was extended to Northern and Central Chile and surrounding regions of Peru and Argentina.
More information about pvSpot »

New Solar Resource Maps for South Africa

5 Nov 2014

Two maps were released, showing Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI) and Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI). The DNI map is used by developers of CSP (concentrating solar power) thermal power stations as well as CPV (concentrating photovoltaic) power stations to evaluate the available resource in an area for their technology. The implementation of site-adaptation techniques allowed to reduce the uncertainty of SolarGIS data by half. Altogether data from 14 sites, located throughout South Africa were involved in the process.
The project was led by Stellenbosch University, in cooperation with GeoSUN Africa and GeoModel Solar and funded by German Government, through their development agency the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).
Read press release for more information »

Verify performance of any photovoltaic power system
in North and Central America with help of pvSpot

20 Oct 2014

Coverage of SolarGIS pvSpot service has now been extended to include North and Central America. pvSpot enables cost-effective, independent, and reliable performance monitoring of photovoltaic power plants. Majority of PV monitoring solutions in the market report actual generation vs irradiance, and performance ratio. pvSpot goes one step further and allows comparison of actual generation with expected generation (kWh vs kWh). pvSpot service is available via an online application and also as an API service/Web-Service.
More information about pvSpot »

Uncertainty of satellite-based solar resource data

9 July 2014
  • The most common question we receive from our customers is – "what is the uncertainty of SolarGIS data?"
    We recently updated the validation information available for our SolarGIS database. Validation of GHI and DNI data at 189 sites worldwide shows reliable and stable performance of the SolarGIS model across all geographies and climatic regions. The results were presented yesterday at the ASES 2014 conference in San Francisco.
    Whilst validation statistics are useful for understanding the performance of a model, developers, consultants, and financiers are mostly concerned with the uncertainty of our long-term solar resource estimates. In response, we present an approach for estimating the user’s uncertainty from validation statistics.
  • Download paper »  |  Download presentation »

Our contribution to EPIA Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaics 2014-2018

2 Jun 2014
  • SolarGIS map in the Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaics 2014-2018 study, published by EPIA, presents an interesting comparison between solar resource potential and World PV market development till date. Authors of the study sum up the evolution of PV industry in the recent years and forecast development of the PV industry in Europe for the next 5 years.
  • Visit EPIA's website »
  • Download full-text study »

Our presentations at upcoming scientific conferences

28 May 2014
  • In summer we present three important contributions during ASES Solar 2014 and SolarPACES conferences on topics:
  • Satellite-based solar resource data: validation statistics versus user’s uncertainty
  • On the uncertainty of satellite-derived DNI data in arid regions from the global perspective
  • Improved method for generating Typical Meteorological Year data for solar energy simulations
  • You are welcome to join our presentations at the events »

Solar radiation and PV forecast service extended
to USA, Mexico, South Africa, India and Japan

30 Apr 2014

Forecast service has been extended to USA, Mexico, South Africa, India and Japan. This service was launched for Europe in September 2013 and it provides forecast of solar radiation, PV electricty output and air temperature for time horizon of 0 to 48 hours ahead.
More information about our forecast service »

Meet us at the events in the first half of 2014

20 Feb 2014

We attend a number of conference, exhibitions and workshops to share knowledge, present our products and listen to our customers' needs. This year we have already attended World Future Energy Summit 2014, Southern African Solar Energy Conference and PV System EXPO 2014 in Tokyo.

From March to June you are welcome to meet us during the following big events:
  • The Solar Show Africa 2014, Johanesburg
  • Solar 2014, Melbourne
  • African Utility Week, Cape Town
  • CHILESOL 2014, Santiago
  • Intersolar Europe, Munich

Study of cloud cover impact on photovoltaic power production in South Africa
presented at SASEC 2014 conference

30 Jan 2014
  • Regional stability of PV power production is primarily affected by short-term variability of clouds, and it depends on spatial distribution and size of PV plants. Eight years of high-resolution SolarGIS solar and meteorological data, and PV simulation tools were applied for the territory of South Africa to quantify impact of cloud cover on PV production: (i) occurrence and (ii) variability statistics of 15-minute power production profiles, and (iii) occurrence and persistence of daily power production sums. Results have been presented at SASEC 2014 conference.
  • Download full-text paper: Cloud cover impact on photovoltaic power production in South Africa »

SolarGIS confirmed as most reliable source
of satellite derived solar radiation data – ONCE AGAIN!

18 Dec 2013
  • Results of the extensive comparison study authored by Pierre Ineichen from University of Geneva have been released this week. SolarGIS has been identified as the data source with the lowest overall bias, lowest mean bias deviation, and lowest RMSD for 18 validation sites in Europe and the Mediteranean region.
  • Download full PDF report »
  • More information on the author's website »

Renewable Resource Atlas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

02 Dec 2013

GeoModel Solar is speaking during the session How Solar Resource Data Support Research and Development at the Launch Event of Renewable Resource Atlas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 18 Dec 2013 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
More information about the event »

Our contribution in monography for solar energy professionals

25 Nov 2013

Solar Energy Forecasting and Resource Assessment edited by Jan Kleissl is a vital text for solar energy professionals, addressing a critical gap in the core literature of the field. This book provides an authoritative voice on the topic, incorporating contributions from an internationally recognized group of top authors from both industry and academia, focused on providing information from underlying scientific fundamentals to practical applications and emphasizing the latest technological developments.

Our contribution:
Chapter 2 - Semi-Empirical Satellite Models
Richard Perez (State University of New York, ASRC)
Tomas Cebecauer and Marcel Suri (GeoModel Solar)
See the full Table of Contents »

Data for Canada available online

04 Sep 2013

Substantial extension and update of solar radiation database has been released for North America. The dataset was completly recalculated with the most recent SolarGIS model (v2.0) for a period 1999 to 2012, thus covering 14 complete years of data. Data from GOES East satellite with 30-minute time-step and other atmospheric data were used in the re-analysis.
On top of this, the dataset was extended up to 60°N parallel, thus covering most of Canada.
See the present coverage in iMaps »

Data for Australia, Japan, Korea and other Pacific countries now online

19 Jun 2013

Recent release of the online database extension includes countries in Asia-Pacific region such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Papua-New Guinea, eastern parts of Philippines, Indonesia and other Pacific countries. Data are calculated from MTSAT satellite data and other meteorologicl parameters for a period 2007 up to present in 30-minute time-step.
See the updated coverage in iMaps »

Solar radiation data available for Pacific region

15 Apr 2013

SolarGIS database has been expanded to Pacific region, and includes complete coverage of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Pacific islands, Australia and New Zealand. Data are available for a period from July 2006 up to yesterday on request. The online availability of data in pvPlanner and iMaps is planned from June 2013. We are working on time extension of the database as well. See the present coverage »

Our Contributions in Global Atlas

25 Mar 2013

Global Atlas for Solar & Wind now displays two new global datasets Landcover and Elevation, which were made available by our company. DNI map of Namibia in 1km resolution, supported by us, can also be browsed in this online application.
The Global Atlas initiative, co-ordinated by IRENA, has brought together the leading technical institutions and companies around the world with the focus on evaluation of the renewable energies potential.

What Makes a Solar Resource Estimate Bankable?

07 Mar 2013

The general rule is to use solar radiation data that covers continuously a period of at least 10 years. It is important that the data source is proven to be accurate by independent experts.
Read more in our article in Bankability and Debt Financing for Solar Projects in India report, page 30, issued by Bridge to India or download the article only.

Monthly PV Power Maps of USA for the last year

28 Feb 2013

Thanks to initiative of Clean Power Research, we’ve been involved in supplying Solar Today Magazine with monthly PV Power Maps of USA for its regular column for more than a year. Recent article explains more about our work and the meaning of the maps. PV Power Maps for the entire previous year are now available online on ASES portal.

New validation studies for Saudi Arabia and India
confirms high accuracy of SolarGIS data

25 Feb 2013

We recently concluded SolarGIS validation study for Saudi Arabia. We made use of ground measurements from 12 stations that were installed as part of a project jointly run by KACST and NREL. Excellent accuracy of SolarGIS data in arid climatic conditions was already established through validation statistics from other arid regions such as the Sahara and Kalahari Deserts. This new study only re-confirms qualities of SolarGIS data.
Download the report »

Ever since we first made available SolarGIS data for India in August 2011, our data indicated less than desirable DNI resource availability in North-West Rajasthan. Many questions were raised on reliability of satellite-derived estimates. Now, we are happy to announce that we had been right all along. An independent report that compares SolarGIS data with actual high-quality ground measurements, confirms accuracy of SolarGIS data in the region.
Download the report »

Geographical extension of SolarGIS coverage
on American continet (up to latitude 50 degrees north)

20 Jan 2013

SolarGIS online database has been extended to USA, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, and can be consulted in iMaps, pvPlanner and climData. Data are calculated from GOES East satellite data for a period 1999 up to present in 30-minute to 3-hourly time-step.
See the present coverage in iMaps »

Solar resource mapping in Africa

15 Jan 2013

For solar prospection and pre-feasibility studies, information in the form of maps is used. Maps play a significant role in regional inventories and in defining solar energy strategies. For Africa, such maps are available from at least four sources: NASA, NREL/SWERA, PVGIS/HelioClim-1 and SolarGIS. The information value of the maps can be judged by comparing their spatial resolution and the accuracy of the underlying solar radiation data.
Read more in our article in PV magazine 12/2012 »

pvSpot - new generation performance assessment tool for PV power plants

10 Oct 2012

SolarGIS pvSpot is a unique online application that can be used to detect underperformance of any PV power plant. It is based on the latest advancements in satellite-based solar modeling and electricity simulation. For more than a year the data and application were tested by hundreds of users. Present data coverage include Europe and South Africa. Other regions of the world will be gradually plugged in to the system.
Try pvSpot now »
Read more in press release »

Geographical extension of SolarGIS coverage
to Western Australia and South-East Asia

18 Sep 2012

Recent release of the online database extension includes regions and countries in IODC region: Western Australia (up to longitude 125°E) South-East Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines Data are calculated from MFG satellite data for a period 1999 up to present in 30-minute time-step.
See the present coverage in iMaps »

Better performance of SolarGIS with new features and numerous upgrades

16 Jul 2012
  • New features and numerous upgrades has been recently launched in SolarGIS, including:
  • Full funcionality of pvPlanner including full data access can be examined for FREE, now.
    Register and ask for 3 day TRIAL!
  • Bookmarking functionality in iMaps
  • DEMO regions with iMaps data and reports
  • Access to a new global Air-temperature map even for unregistered users
  • Numerous updates in purchase section to make the process more intuitive and straightforward
  • Other system upgrades

Practical Analysis Workshop:
Validate And Predict Solar Energy Project Viability

21 Jun 2012

We are happy to invite you to workshop Validating the Realistic Feasibility of New Projects - Assessing Technical Data and Other Information Already Available to Predict Project Viability, organized by GeoModel Solar and Suntrace. The topics cover technical and commercial analysis of solar energy projects, including case studies. The workshop is a part of MENA Solar Power Forum programme.
Date and place: 17 September 2012, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Led by: Marcel Suri, Managing Director, GeoModel Solar, Slovakia & Martin Schlecht, Managing Director, Suntrace, Germany

Acknowledgement as one of Top-10 highlights at SNEC 2012 PV Power Expo

24 May 2012

The Organizing Committee of SNEC 6th International Exhibition & Conference, which is one of the biggest solar exhibitions in the world, acknowledged SolarGIS as one of Top 10 Highlights of the event. Ten exhibiting companies presenting the most advanced technologies and products received this award. The Strategic importance of the SolarGIS database is demonstrated by the fact that we are the only European company to have received this award.

GeoModel Solar provides data for nation-wide
solar resource assessment study for Namibia

15 May 2012

GeoModel Solar has delivered solar resource data for a pre-feasibility study, co-financed by Global Environment Facility, for a pilot concentrated solar power plant in Namibia. The Polytechnic of Namibia's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Institute (REEEI) has commissioned the study on behalf of Namibia's Ministry of Mines and Energy. The deliverables include GIS data at 90 m grid resolution for the entire country and 15-minute time-series data for selected locations. Read more »

Our contribution to forum at World Bank

10 May 2012

We shared our knowledge and experience on country level mapping of solar resource ESMAP Knowledge Exchange Forum in Washington DC. The event was part of the World Bank's ESMAP project and organized with the objective of facilitating knowledge exchange in renewable resource mapping. The recording of GeoModel Solar's presentation (co-presented with Stellenbosch University, South Africa) can be viewed online.

Geographical extension of SolarGIS coverage to South America and China

09 May 2012

Last month, at the occasions of IFT Energy 2012 in Santiago and SNEC PV Power Expo 2012 in Shanghai, we extended the coverage of the SolarGIS solar resource database to include the regions of South America and China. Previously, there was no accurate and bankable data available for these regions. Thanks to the extension of the SolarGIS data to cover these regions, you can now plan and develop solar energy projects in South America and China with greater confidence.

Air-temperature dataset updated to global coverage

27 Apr 2012

Global coverage of Air-temperature data has been implemented into SolarGIS database. Original data source NCEP CFSR, containing data from a period 1989-2009 with a temporal resolution 1 hour, has been preprocessed by in-house developed algorithms and agregated characteristics has been calculated for the users of iMaps, pvPlanner and climData applications.

GeoModel Solar contributes to Global Atlas for Solar and Wind Energy

26 Apr 2012

A dozen influential countries expressed their commitment to the development of the Global Solar and Wind Atlas initiative, being managed by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). GeoModel Solar figures as data provider. Read more »

Our knowledge among the top

04 Apr 2012

Scientific paper by Marcel Suri, et al., is presently the 3rd cited article within the last 5 years in the Solar Energy journal. Mr Suri is the founder and director of GeoModel Solar. See our list of publications and contributions »

PV Power Map of USA for Solar Today

25 Mar 2012

In partnership with Clean Power Research, USA, we have come out with the PV Power Map. The Maps, to be published in each issue of Solar Today journal, present a unique view of the total monthly output power of a 1-kilowatt photovoltaic system by location for the United States of America. The first issue of the maps can be seen on the online version of the magazine.

Substantial update of SolarGIS database for iMaps and pvPlanner

09 Mar 2012

The updated database features 17 years of data for Europe, Africa and Middle East, and 13 years of data for South Asia. The new database replaces the previous version, which featured 7 years of historical data. Read more »

Quality management system of GeoModel Solar

28 December 2011

GeoModel Solar is a customer oriented company committed to constant improvement of the quality of our services. We are confident, that our newly acquired ISO 9001:2008 certificate for Quality Management System will help us reach the most ambitious goals in terms of customer services and support. Read more »

GeoModel Solar has become a member of EPIA

23 November 2011

GeoModel Solar has become a member of EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) - the world.s largest photovoltaic industry association, who's mission is to give its global membership a distinct and effective voice in the European market.

SolarGIS backgrounds lecture available to download

3 October 2011

The SolarGIS presentation is available for download (PDF, 20 MB). This lecture was given at EUPVSEC 2011 Conference and it provides a good overview of the knowledge behind SolarGIS.

GeoModel Solar team shares its knowledge with solar energy community

1 October 2011

The GeoModel Solar team has participated on a few notable conferences and workshops in the last 4 months. Our resultes are reflected in 11 scientific papers, 7 posters and more than 10 oral scientific presentations in the various conference sessions. Now, we share our state-of-the-art knowledge with the solar energy community.
Check our list of publication, including full-text scientific papers.

Photovoltaic planning in India benefits
from new generation solar resource data and online tools

8 August 2011

The geographic expansion of the online system SolarGIS to Indian peninsula has been launched. High-resolution solar resource database, interactive maps and PV simulation software will be introduced to the Indian solar community at the 5th Renewable Energy India 2011 Expo in New Delhi. The present update includes the following countries: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan. Find out more information in this press release.

Scientific paper among the TOP cited articles in Solar Energy journal

1 August 2011

The scientific paper

Šúri M., Huld T.A., Dunlop E.D., Ossenbrink H.A.:
Potential of solar electricity generation in the European Union member states and candidate countries,
Solar Energy, Volume 81, Issue 10, 2007, Pp 1295-1305

is in the TOP cited articles within the last 5 years in the high ranked Solar Energy journal.
The main contributor, Mr. Marcel Šúri, is the present director of GeoModel Solar company.

SolarGIS pvSpot launched in beta release

7 Jun 2011

The new SolarGIS application - pvSpot - has been launched in Beta release. SolarGIS pvSpot provides estimates of PV production for any PV system in the area covered by SolarGIS database. It is the sensor-less and independent solution of monitoring electricity production of your PV instalations. While in beta version, the system is free to use. Try pvSpot now!

Solar radiation data in SolarGIS database extended up to 17 years

1 Apr 2011

Solar radiation data is now available as follows:
~17 years in Meteosat Prime region (covering most of Europe, Africa, Middle East),
~12 years in Meteosat IODC region (covering most of Asia). For now, data can be requested offline.

According to IEA SHC Task 36 study, SolarGIS is the best performing

25 February, 2011

The recent IEA Task 36 data inter-comparison activity, lead by Pierre Ineichen from University of Geneva, has independently confirmed that SolarGIS is the best performing solar radiation database presently available on the market. The major strengths of SolarGIS are in the balanced statistical representation of the values (histograms), very good accuracy in GHI and excellent accuracy in DNI. The low RMSE makes it best performing for a system performance assessment and for monitoring. More information on SolarGIS website »
The report can be downloaded at: (2.3 MB)
The annexes to the report, with detailed analysis for each validation site can be downloaded at: (60 MB)

SolarGIS pvPlanner launched

5 July 2010

Simulation tool for planning and optimisation of photovoltaic systems using climate and geographic data at high temporal and spatial resolution, new generation high performance algorithms and user-friendly interface – online at SolarGIS. Try now or read more about this unique software.

SolarGIS climData launched

19 Apr 2010

Online shop with climate data provides comfortable access to data of Global horizontal irradiation, Diffuse horizontal irradiation, Direct normal irradiation and Average air temperature at 2 meters for any location covered by SolarGIS database. Try now or read more.

SolarGIS – data and online tools for solar energy and PV

1 March, 2010

GeoModel Solar launched a new generation database (called SolarGIS) and map-based tools (called iMaps) for fast and easy exploration, site selection and effective planning of solar energy systems. New possibilities for browsing interactive maps, online purchase of solar radiation and temperature data. High performance PV simulation software with reporting capability.

Our solutions

climate data and interactive maps,
site selection, PV planning and
PV performance assessment

Solar radiation 
& other meteo data

historical, near-real time
and forecast wheather data
for solar energy technologies

Electricity yield assessment

services for photovoltaics
and solar thermal energy

Roof potential

solar and PV potential of roofs
in urban and industrial zones

Solar resource maps

ask for a map of your region