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MENA Solar Power Forum 2012: Practical Analysis Workshop

Validating the Realistic Feasibility of New Projects - Assessing Technical Data and Other Information Already Available to Predict Project Viability

14:00-17:30 on 17 September 2012, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Led by:
Marcel Suri, Managing Director, GeoModel Solar, Slovakia
Martin Schlecht, Managing Director, Suntrace, Germany

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Workshop Thesis

  • Technical Analysis
    Obtaining a detailed solar map of the region in order to determine project viability with respect to:
  • Typically available solar irradiation for PV and CSP
  • Proximity to grid connection points
  • Environmental, geographical, and regulatory factors throughout the region that might make some sites more effective and cheaper for solar generation than others
  • Exploring techniques that magnify the accuracy of solar resource valuations:
  • Evaluating the relevant data to gauge the overall output of technology systems
  • How to reduce uncertainty and obtain bankable series data
  • Considering effects of heat, humidity, and atmospheric pollution for performance of solar power technology
  • Estimating performance and year-to-year variations of production levels
  • The correct approach to predict solar power in order to qualify solar projects:
  • When will solar power actually be produced?
  • How does solar power match with the demand?
  • Role of real-time data services for forecasting and grid management
  • Case examples
  • How optimal data interpretation/analysis can maximise the efficiency of plant operations
  • Commercial Analysis
    From pre-feasibility over feasibility to due diligence:
  • Which aspects should be considered, in which way in a economically effect approach for developing solar energy projects
  • What information is the most crucial to making the right decision to invest in a project, as well as invest in the right technology relevant to the challenges in a specific region?
  • What is required to achieve bankability for solar energy projects
  • Ensuring the quality of operating solar plants: continuous availability of information coming back from the field
  • What sources can you get this information from?
  • How reliable and current is information that you can get from other parties and how much should you invest in conducting your own direct research?
  • Projecting the lifetime value of your installation versus the cost of equipment
  • PV vs. CSP - short-term cost versus long-term profits?
  • Determining your business model - how much of the power generated will be sold to the domestic grid and how much to foreign

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