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Governments and public organisations of all sizes at every level can benefit from our services. Our consultancy services, GIS data and online tools result in more informed policy setting and decision making.

1. Regional Solar Resource Overview

We provide basic overview of solar resource potential for any geographical area of your interest. SolarGIS iMaps and other solar maps are a useful tool at this stage.

2. Solar Resource Mapping

We offer delivery of solar and other meteorological data for further GIS analyses and visualisations. Maps serve as a baseline for identification of suitable areas for development of solar energy. The maps support identification of suitable locations for deployment of solar measurement stations. GIS data can be delivered within a week.

3. Solar Resource Workshop

Our company can arrange technical ‘knowledge-transfer’ workshops. The objective is to provide a community with guidance on how to develop solar resource monitoring infrastructure in a country or region. This workshop includes instruction on the operation and maintenance of solar measurement stations.

4. Country/Regional Solar Assessment Study

A country studyis effectively an inventory of all existing scientific knowledge and solar data available for the given region. The climatic conditions and solar resource potential of the region are outlined in detail.

5. Continous support

We are capable to provide real-time data acquisition for monitoring, forecasting, and management of solar power infrastructure.

Watch our presentation on Solar Resource Mapping, presented at ESMAP Knowledge Exchange Forum 2012:

Our solutions

climate data and interactive maps,
site selection, PV planning and
PV performance assessment

Solar radiation 
& other meteo data

historical, near-real time
and forecast wheather data
for solar energy technologies

Electricity yield assessment

services for photovoltaics
and solar thermal energy

Roof potential

solar and PV potential of roofs
in urban and industrial zones

Solar resource maps

ask for a map of your region