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Once a prospective site has been selected, the next important step is the assessment of possible design and operational variants to optimize energy performance. At this stage, more in-depth knowledge of the solar resources is required. An understanding of seasonal and inter-annual variability and related uncertainties is also necessary.

At this stage, hourly (or sub-hourly) time series are needed. A full time series is the most appropriately detailed product for the task at hand. Compared to other data products, the strength of a full time series lays in its ability to evaluate the probability of occurrence of typical and extreme events. The data make it possible to tune the design of solar energy systems and more accurate risk analysis of the investment. Time series data can be used for detailed performance analysis over the economic lifetime of a solar energy system.

Sample data

  • Download ZIP files and examine SAMPLE DATA:
  • 15-min time series data, period Jan 1994 to Jun 2012 (ZIP, 8.5 MB)
  • Hourly time series data, period Jan 1994 to Jun 2012 (ZIP, 2.1 MB)
  • Sample data refers to a site: Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA), Spain.

A snapshot of 14 days of GHI, DNI and DIF 15-minute time series data

Site-Adapted Time Series

When project planning reaches the pre-mature level, and local measurements are available, quality enhancement of time series data can be performed. This is particularly relevant for CSP and CPV projects, and for large PV projects when entering new territories.

GeoModel Solar offers correlation of SolarGIS time series with on-site measurements. Prior to site-adpatation of SolarGIS time series, we process the ground measurements through quality check procedures. The resulting time series has a lower bias, minimum RMSD and balanced probability distribution function. Read more on Site adaptation.

Purchase Data

Time series data can be purchased using climData online shop.
For customised solutions i.e. site-adaptation, etc. please contact us.

Data available


Direct Normal Irradiance/Irradiation


Global Horizontal Irradiance/Irradiation


Global Tilted (in-plane) Irradiance/Irradiation


Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance/Irradiation


Air temperature at 2 m


Relative humidity


Wind Speed at 10 m


Wind Direction


Terrain, Landcover, Population

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