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Forecast of Solar Resource and PV Power Production

  • Solar radiation forecast is based on SolarGIS post-processing of the meteorological outputs from two operational numerical weather models (NWP):
  • IFS model from the European Centre for medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF, UK)
  • GFS model from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, US)

In the post-processing, operationally calculated information from the SolarGIS satellite model is used for dynamic improvement of the accuracy.

Forecast range

  • Forecast services are available for time horizon of 0 to 48 hours ahead (Day +1 and Day +2)
  • Frequency of the update: once in 12 hours (at approx. 07:40 UTC and 19:40 UTC)
  • Primary time step: 3 hours, internally it is recomputed to 1 hour
  • For specific requirements, forecasting up to 7 days ahead is possible


  • The forecast time series include the following solar and meteorological parameters:
  • Global horizontal irradiance, GHI [W/m2]
  • Global tilted irradiance, GTI [W/m2]
  • Air temperature at 2 m, TEMP [°C]
  • PV electricity output, PVOUT [kWh]


Our forecast service is routinely offered in the regions marked on the map below, covering most of Europe, USA, Mexico, Caribbean region, Chile, Morocco, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, islands Reunion and Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, China, Japan, Korea. Upon request, we can start forecasting service for any other area.

SolarGIS GHI forecast regions

Orders And Delivery

  • Forecasts are supplied for each site defined by position of a solar power plant (or point of interest). Therefore it is required to provide:
  • Site coordinates (latitude and longitude)
  • Inclination angle (in case of GTI)
  • PV system configuration (in case of PVOUT)
  • Typically, data are delivered
  • in CSV format
  • via FTP service

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The recent electricity production (up to -4 days) and forecast (up to +3 days) of PVOUT
in four cities for a certain configuration of a PV system

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