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The success of any project that makes use of solar energy is directly tied to the amount of solar potential of the chosen location. To adequately plan such a project, a feasibility analysis becomes a priceless asset. Based on the most accurate solar and meteorological data, future projections are among our specialized products.

We offer state of the art solar and meteorological data that will serve as foundations for your project from the pre-feasibility phase to operational phase. Based on extensive scientific knowledge, high-resolution data is brought to you through our SolarGIS database.

An independent expert survey has identified the SolarGIS as the best database in the market, in terms of accuracy, reliability and data representativeness.
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Present SolarGIS database coverage

Resolution of SolarGIS data

  • Time period: 22+/17+/9+ years
    • from 1994 for Europe, Africa and the Middle East
    • from 1999 for America and most of Asia
    • from 2007 for Australia, Japan, Korea and other Pacific countries
  • Temporal resolution: 15 minutes (MSG satellite) or 30 minutes (other satellites)
  • Spatial resolution: typically 250 metres (possible up to ~90 m)

More detailed information including validation statistics is available in the SolarGIS data specification document (PDF, 2.5 MB).

Purpose of data types

Product Purpose Project phase
Pre-feasibility Development Operational
Initial solar resource overview
TMY data Energy yield simulation
and financial analysis
Full Time-Series Complete information on variability
and uncertainty of solar resource
Performance assessment
of operational solar power plants
Forecast up to 2-days ahead forecast
for solar resource and PV production

We have delivered data and expert reports to the following countries:

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To purchase historical data, visit climData online shop.
For real-time data supply, visit SolarGIS pvSpot, learn more about Opreational Data Services or Contact us.

Data available


Direct Normal Irradiance/Irradiation


Global Horizontal Irradiance/Irradiation


Global Tilted (in-plane) Irradiance/Irradiation


Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance/Irradiation


Air temperature at 2 m


Relative humidity


Wind Speed at 10 m


Wind Direction


Terrain, Landcover, Population

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