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PV simulation tool for effective and intuitive planning of a PV system at any location. The tool works with high-resolution climate and geographic data, and enables to assess PV technology performance for any selected ground or roof. The information is displayed by the means of monthly values and daily profiles of solar radiation and PV power output for any tilted or sun-tracking PV technology. Standardised reports can be generated for smooth communication.


  • Easy search of location or roof
  • Accessible at any location in Europe, North Africa, and Middle East
  • High resolution spatial data inputs
  • Simulation of technology alternatives (modules, inverters, structures, etc.)
  • Assessment of potential PV electricity generation
  • Analysis of a PV system and its components performance
  • Information about system losses
  • High-performance report-generation engine for fast and standardised documentation


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Instant access to data and simulation tools for prefeasibility and pre-design assessment
  • Quality of data and methods rigorously checked
  • Most recent data are implemented and regularly updated
  • High accuracy simulation tools reduce the assessment uncertainty
  • Easy comparison of technology alternatives or sites
  • Reduced cost and risk in decision making, streamlined project planning
  • Standardised yield reports for site qualification and communication of technology performance parameters
  • Effective way for optimization of a system design

Download the information leaflet (1.8 MB) about SolarGIS.
Download the information leaflet (781 KB) about pvPlanner.

Who uses SolarGIS?
  • Solar energy consultancies
  • Project developers
  • Owners/Investors
  • Banks
  • Government organisations
  • EPC contractors
  • O&M managers
  • Research and academic
  • Designers
  • Roof installers