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Mission and objectives

GeoModel Solar is technical consultant, developer and operator of the SolarGIS database and online system. The company aims to increase efficiency and reduce uncertainty in solar energy projects by delivering bankable solar resource data and innovative software services for planning, financing, monitoring and forecasting of solar power.

The Company builds on 25 years of expertise in geoinformatics and environmental modelling, and 14 years in solar energy and photovoltaics. We strive for development and operation of high-resolution quality-assessed global databases with focus on solar resource and energy-related weather parameters. We develop simulation, management and control tools, map products, and web services for fast access to key information needed for efficient system planning, performance assessment, forecasting and management of distributed power generation.

    GeoModel Solar is a member of:
  • EPIA - European Photovoltaic Industry Association
  • ISES - International Solar Energy Society
  • SAPI - Slovak Association of Photovoltaic Industry


Based on our scientific knowledge, dedication, and professional attitude we aim to contribute to the change of the global economic strategies towards sustainable energy production and consumption, and support of solar energy. The ambition of GeoModel Solar is to become the industry-leading company in solar radiation modelling, operational supply of weather data, geospatial software tools, and on-line applications. We are dedicated to bring new standards in terms of efficiency accuracy and reduced uncertainty.

GeoModel Solar management

Marcel Šúri holds MSc and PhD in geography and geoinformatics (Comenius University and Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava). In 2001-2008 he has been working in European Commission’s Joint Research Centre as a co-author of the PVGIS project on solar resource assessment, PV modeling and web mapping. Mr. Suri is active as an expert in the IEA SHC Tasks 46, and in the COST WIRE action. He is working as a managing director of GeoModel Solar Company.

Tomáš Cebecauer received MSc in geography and PhD in geoinformation science (Comenius University and Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava). In years 2005-2008 he has been working in European Commission, Joint Research Centre on a technical development of solar radiation and geographical databases, algorithms, maps and web tools for the project PVGIS. He is currently working as a technical director in GeoModel Solar, responsible for development of climate databases, tools and geoinformation services for solar energy industry.

GeoModel Solar in short

Download the booklet (PDF, 5.1 MB) about GeoModel Solar.

Our solutions

climate data and interactive maps,
site selection, PV planning and
PV performance assessment

Solar radiation 
& other meteo data

historical, near-real time
and forecast wheather data
for solar energy technologies

Electricity yield assessment

services for photovoltaics
and solar thermal energy

Roof potential

solar and PV potential of roofs
in urban and industrial zones

Solar resource maps

ask for a map of your region